2 Compartment Containers


Available in 7 Pack AND 14 Pack
Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 6cm – 550ml + 330ml


SAFE AND DURABLE: Our meal prep containers are made with certified BPA-free materials that are safe for reuse, and environmentally sustainable.

COMPARTMENTED: Making meal prep versatile and easy to adjust your portion sizes throughout your health and fitness journey. We provide a range of various compartment specifications for all your meal prep preferences.

FULLY REUSABLE: Take your containers from FREEZER to the MICROWAVE (remember to take off the lid) and into the DISHWASHER (placed securely on top rack) and do it all over again.

LIGHTWEIGHT & STACKABLE: Perfect for saving room in the fridge/freezer, and with air tight, leak resistant lids that last longer than many cheap eBay imports. Clear lids with easy pull tabs make storing and opening your containers a breeze!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand by all our products here at Reps & Macros and we value our customers, so if you are not 100% satisfied, or if there are any issues at all with your order, please contact us!

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Control your portions and count your macros!

Using meal prep containers is an easy way to control the amount of calories you eat in a day, as well as making sure you are eating enough of the right macro nutrients, which in turn gives you total control of your body composition whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, or both!

Bikini competitors, body builders and gym junkies are not the only ones who track their food to stay on track to their goals. Nurses, stay at home mums, teachers, and office assistants all take advantage of the freedom and peace of mind meal prepping gives them!

Stay organised on your fitness journey!

Stop buying unhealthy foods at expensive street deli’s or your office’s local food van and plan your meals ahead of time by meal prepping! Practicing portion control, macronutrient management as well as saving both money and time all just with meal prep!

We’ve made meal prep an easy, effective and now convenient solution for all Aussies!

Did you know that 80% of fat loss results come from your calorie intake and macronutrient make-up? The real secret to sustained fat loss, is not the ketogenic diet, Weight Watchers, or even veganism (even though you may still love to eat these ways), is to just be in a total caloric deficit as proven by science.


Take your first step to success and join the Reps & Macros team to take control of your life!

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7 Pack, 14 Pack