How to store your meal prep meals

So you’ve started meal prepping, and have (hopefully) started mastering the art of efficiently cooking an entire week’s worth of meals in a single cooking session. So, lets talk about properly storing your meal prep meals, because your dining experience will be better if you do! There’s plenty of benefits including:More retained nutrients: Incorrect storage leeches …

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How to Calculate your Macros in Less than 5 Minutes

Macros are the foundation to a great, flexible diet. The term “macro” is short for macronutrients and basically means focusing on the 3 most important ones:ProteinsFatsCarbohydratesThere are a few skills you need to calculate your macros and that’s what you’re here for!What you need to get started counting macros.You need to calculate the number of …

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Meal Prep for Beginners

Save up to a day per week, spend less money on food and lower your stress levels, even if you have no idea how to cook!You don’t really become an adult until you have to cook for yourself. Have you ever just finished eating lunch, only to realise you have to start thinking about what to …

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Risoni Pesto Pasta Salad – Recipe

Risoni pesto pasta salad recipe - Reps and Macros

Who says you can’t eat pasta and still achieve your weight loss goals? This Risoni pesto pasta salad is nutrient packed and so super simple to make. Prep a whole batch to mix and match with your favourite proteins for this weeks meal prep! … Risoni Pesto Pasta Salad – RecipeRead More »

Mini Lasagne Cups

Lasagna Cups Recipe - Reps and Macros

Classic lasagne flavours in an easy to grab and go single serve! Perfect for afternoon snacks or double up and serve with a veg packed salad for lunch. Wonton wrappers are low cal and make the perfect base for these little lasagne cups! … Mini Lasagne CupsRead More »

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Recipe

We’ve taken the traditional flavours of sweet and sour and made them a bit more macro friendly while still keeping the crispy battered texture of the chicken. This recipe could work well with beef or pork too! … Sweet and Sour Chicken – RecipeRead More »