Apps to Use for Tracking Macros

Maintaining your health, reaching your fitness goals, and maybe even keeping your New Year’s resolutions has 3 key ingredients.

Eating a variety of food, the right amount of food, paired with resistance exercise.

Last time we talked about macros and how to calculate them, and one thing we stressed was writing your meals down (seriously, you need to record your meal intake)!

Have you been doing that?

Let me show you how to do it better with your phone.

My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular fitness tracker apps in the world. It’s synced between your phone and computer, so you can use whatever’s handy.

It lets you track your macros in a great series of tables and charts. Through each day, you get a summary with your totals to see if you’ve made your goals or accidentally had a cheat day.

Speaking of goals, the app will try to guide you create goals if you need it to, or you can set whatever goals you’ve already created when you were planning your macros earlier.

My Fitness Pal has just about every type of food already pre programmed inside, so you can tell it you ate a burger from Hungry Jacks and it will immediately tell you how many excess carbohydrates you’ve eaten today.

Tracking meals with My Fitness Pal is effective but sometimes finding each item is, at times, painful. It’s just not fun at all! If you’re having trouble using it, another Australian exclusive app could be used instead.

Easy Diet Diary is a great second option (and the one that I personally use). It's interface is clean, simple and easy to understand. You can add photos of your meals for reference and still create your own recipes.

The only downside is you can't set your own macros for the visual reminder of how many of each macro you have left, only see a running tally.

Easy Diet Diary doesn’t have the same kind of numbers behind the scenes – but if it helps you actually stay on track, the benefits are infinitely better than the cost.

Which app do you use to track your macros?

Or are you old school with your pen and notebook? 

Let us know!